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  Madonna's album 'named Licorice'

Dated: 09/12/07

Madonna's next album will be called Licorice and will be released in April, according to music website Billboard. Former Billboard editor Larry Flick revealed the news on his radio show and played two new songs - Candy Shop and The Beat Goes On - the site said. But Madonna's record label - Warner Bros - rejected Flick's story, saying the title and release date he had revealed were both wrong. It will be Madonna's last studio album for the label. Her future releases will come out under a ground-breaking recording and touring deal with concert promoter Live Nation. Candy theme A Madonna fan site - Drowned Madonna - said the album featured Kanye West and was finished several days ago. The site reported that the singer used a room decked out in a candy theme to play tracks to record company staff in New York. The album will contain 13 songs, while the singer is trying to choose whether Candy Shop or 4 Minutes To Save The World will be the first single, the site said. It also gave details of another track called Miles Away, which it said was "dance and acoustic someway at the same time", adding: "Madonna has a lot of harmonies on it. Her voice sounds great." Drowned Madonna said Licorice was the name given to the album in mock artwork made by one fan, which then spread around the internet, but that the finished album is tentatively being called the album was tentatively titled Give It To Me. Madonna's UK publicists said they could not confirm any information. A Warner Bros spokesperson said Larry Flick's radio station "does not know what it is talking about...wrong title, release date wrong etc." The reports came as Madonna received a Grammy Award nomination for best long form music video for her film of The Confessions Tour.