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  Madonna 'angry' over Morton book

Dated: 16/01/08

Madonna: Told Andrew Morton to leave her friends alone Madonna has revealed she is "angry" about the publication of Andrew Morton's biography of her life. "It's not a well-written book," she told BBC Radio 1. "We all know he wrote it for financial gain and the truth had little to do with it." Madonna said that when Morton's requests for information started arriving with her friends she asked them to ignore him. Jo Whiley interviewed the star for her Radio 1 show "He really went through my Rolodex and that part was really annoying, and I ended up writing him a letter saying, 'I'm not interested in you writing this book, I don't want to have anything to do with it - and please leave my friends alone'." The singer said that she had even sent Morton a book of philosophy - The Power of Kabbalah - to try to dissuade him from continuing. "It's a beginner's crash course in what it's all about - that eventually in some way shape or form it would come back round to him, but he either didn't read it or didn't care." She said there was "absolutely" no truth in rumours that this year's Drowned World tour was her last. "I would never say I wouldn't do anything ever again - that's a stupid thing to say," she said. You have more respect for the things you eat when you go through the process of killing them Madonna Madonna added family life with husband Guy Ritchie and children Lourdes and Rocco was "fabulous" but also "incredibly exhausting". She joked that Ritchie had threatened to leave her if she did not live in London - but added, "London's great, I love it here." The superstar also admitted to having developed a taste for English country pursuits - including pheasant shooting, which she said gave her "an appreciation of nature". "When you're shooting you are standing in the forest for really long periods of time, so you end up looking at the leaves and the sky and the trees. "You have a lot of time to meditate." She defended shooting wildlife for sport - and food. "I eat birds. "You have more of a respect for the things you eat when you go through or see the process of killing them. "I wear leather shoes, I eat fish, I eat chicken I eat game - I like knowing what I'm eating, and knowing the process," she said.