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  Oscars team prepares back-up show

Dated: 31/01/08

Oscars team prepares back-up show The writers strike affected the Golden Globe awards A contingency plan for the Oscars has been put in place in case the traditional red carpet event is cancelled due to the writers' strike. The back-up show would include a history of the Oscars and film clips, Academy president Sid Ganis told the Associated Press. "We have an obligation to the art form to present the Oscars," he said. The Academy is currently in talks with striking writers. The Oscars will take place on 24 February. Final ballots "We want to be able to do the kind of Oscar show that we always do, and we want to create the circumstances that will allow us to do that," said Academy spokeswoman Leslie Unger. Mr Ganis described the two possible broadcasts as "the show we would love to do and... a show that we would prefer not to do". He said the alternative show would also include "concepts that are not normally ones that we would have for the show if we were moving straight ahead". Final ballots to choose this year's Oscar winners were sent out to Academy voters on Wednesday, following the announcement of nominations last week. The Coen brothers' film No Country For Old Men and historical epic There Will Be Blood lead the field with eight nods each. In the past, presenters of the awards have been announced one by one ahead of the ceremony but none have been named so far this year. The Golden Globes ceremony earlier this month was cancelled and replaced with a news conference because of the strike by writers over royalties.