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  X Factor's Louis Walsh!!... Judges are rowing even more

Dated: 22/07/10

X Factor's Louis Walsh: Judges are rowing even more!!! X Factor judge Louis Walsh has delivered a fresh blow to this year’s already plagued series, revealing the judges have been bickering like never before. Louis Walsh has made a dig at Geri Halliwelli, After Cheryl Cole’s malaria disaster, the Irish judge said: ‘It’s been tense this year, not just because of what has happened to Cheryl. There’s rivalry among the judges and there have been a few rows. It gets competitive and viewers will see plenty of drama.’ But it seems Louis, 57, is at the heart of the bitching after slamming Geri Halliwell, 37, who was booed when she filled in for new mum Dannii Minogue, 38. On the female guest fill-ins, he said: ‘I liked Natalie Imbruglia and Katy Perry was great fun. As for Geri Halliwell… all I can say is, “Geri who?” I mean, what does she know about the music business? She got the most boos, too.’ Put those claws away, Louis! The Boyzone manager admits the show lacks eye candy. ‘Everyone misses Cheryl’s glamour, I’ve never once seen her look bad,’ he told Star magazine. Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger, 32, saved the day with her sex appeal, he added. In one last catty jibe, Louis taunted Simon Cowell about plastic surgery. ‘I got my eyes done and I admitted it – unlike Simon!’ he said. ‘I don’t know what bits of him are real.’