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  Voicemail's Oneil update!!

Dated: 13/05/10

There were a number of rumours that the artiste had died, but a source close to the situation told the media house that Edwards had flat lined for a while and that is what started the rumours. However, doctors were able to revive him. Edwards is reportedly in stable condition in the hospital, and word is that a bullet that was lodged in his head has migrated to his neck. Close friends and fellow artistes are asking everyone to say a prayer for the singer as he continues in the battle for his life. The dancehall trio, Voicemail, had once performed in St. Kitts at Warner Park. They are known for their creative dance moves as well as a number of hit singles including ‘Do What You Feel Like’, ‘Dance The Night Away’, ‘Let’s Dance’ and ‘Get Crazy’. The other two members of the group are Craig Jackson and Kevin Blaire.