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Gossip News Profiles
  I-Maroon alive and well................

Dated: 14/05/10

Barrington Dixon, popularly known as I-Maroon, says he wants the public to know that he is alive and well and rumours circulating about his death are false. "Mi a get call from all over, people a call mi from all Florida and England ... Mi jus want mi mother, mi family members and mi fans fi know that I am ok," he said. According to the singer, numerous persons have approached him astonished that he is alive after hearing that he was involved in a theft at a church, resulting in his head being chopped off. I-Maroon told THE STAR that he just wants to clear the air and let everybody know that all the allegations are false and that the rumours are threatening to his career. "I just want to get things straight ... the rumours being spread are not true and not proper for my career," said I-Maroon. THE STAR was told by the artiste that since the rumours, he has recorded a song with the line: "A rumour dem a spread, chat dem a chat sey I-Maroon dead". The singer, who mentioned that he has been very concerned about the rumours told THE STAR that he has travelled to Clarendon to a district called Kellits, where it is alleged that he was killed. He indicated that after doing his investigations, he managed to see a picture of the deceased man's head who he claimed looked like him. "The undertaker show mi a picture wid the dead man head and it kinda resemble mi, all him locks look like mine," he said. Rumours had circulated that a man who was recently beheaded after attempting to rob a church was the singer. Four men had attempted to rob the church, however, a mob held one of them and proceeded to kill him.