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  'We will no longer engage with trolls' say Lineker, Riley and Khan

Dated: 17/09/19

Ex-England striker Gary Lineker, Countdown presenter Rachel Riley and London mayor Sadiq Khan are among a group of celebrities, politicians and campaigners who have pledged not to publicise the abuse they receive on social media from trolls. They have been convinced by new research that suggests hate speech is being inadvertently spread through social media when insults, put-downs or worse are quoted or shared. They will instead report the worst cases of abuse to police, while sending lesser examples to social media companies such as Twitter and Facebook to put pressure on them to act. By refusing to respond, they believe it will starve trolls of a wider audience. The move targets those using social media to spread racist, sexist, xenophobic and other hateful messaging through retweets and public shaming. Match Of The Day presenter Lineker, with 7.4 million Twitter followers, says he is determined to "show online trolls the red card" after seeing the racist abuse directed at young black footballers.